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I design and create websites

“Great webdesign without functionality is like a sports car with no engine.”

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Great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine.

The online market keeps on growing and this never stops. Make sure that your website grows wit it en that your company doesnt stay behind. Here a few reasons why it is important to keep your website up-to-date:

Shape Me
Production Boss
Super Pawa
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Why EA Web?

We are proud of our websites! We create magnificent websites that look fresh and clean, are very user-friendly and have a responsie webdesign so that the website is displayed perfectly on any device

Responsive Web Design

To enhance the user experience it is important that the design fits on the screen. Whether you are on a mobile of on a desktop our designs always look good and are user-friendly.

Backups & Updates Monthly

It is very important that the websites and his plug-ins are up-to-date. If these are not continuously updated the chance is bigger that the website can be hacked.

SEO Optimization

We optimize the website so that it can be perfectly found on Google, Bing, etc. Because of this we ensure that the people who are interested can find the website perfectly.


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We proudly have created websites for
Production Boss
Super Pawa
Shape Me

Curious about the websites I have made?

Check out my work
SuperPawa is a company that produces Matcha Energy Drink. They came to me through an old customer. After discussing a number of designs and ideas, we took action. After this, nothing less than a stunning website appeared, complete with Webshop and blog
Shape Me is a company specializing in Personal Training. Rene had approached me through another customer. He wanted a website for his company but did not know what to do. Through a good conversation we discussed all the possibilities and then led to this beautiful website.