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Hi! My name is Erwin Ammerlaan and I have been building websites from a young age. I developed a website for almost everything and it has been my passion ever since.


During my career creating websites gave way to a permanent job. Since a few years ago I have taken up the creation and design of websites again with my company EA Web. I do this for companies. I continuously learn through this and keep up to date with the latest techniques!

Besides making websites I am a Full-time Military. In addition to my passion for creating websites, I have always had a passion for the Army. This is where I normally work.

EA Web - Erwin Ammerlaan
EA Web
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Below is a selection of the software I use. I use the latest versions so that I am always up to date with the latest techniques.

Adobe Xd
Elementor Pro
Google Analytics
Frequently asked questions


I often get the same question, for this I created an FAQ. It contains the most frequently asked questions.

Hell yes! Because I work with WordPress in combination with Elementor Pro it becomes very easy to adjust things yourself without affecting the functionality of the website! This way you can adjust all images, texts, messages, blog posts, products, etc. yourself without damaging anything of the website.

I can’t really give a price on this. This completely depends on the specific wishes. Because I am a starting company and do this next to my work, I do not charge the full rate that another company would do.

Of you of course! The complete website is yours! As soon as the website is ready I will create an account with Admin rights if you want, you can even delete my account. You paid for it so of course it’s your website.

That very much depends on the website. Some websites with a large webshop naturally take longer than a simple blog. Usually a website is finished within a month.